Inspections- Make safety even more of a priority

Performing visual inspections on tall buildings, bridges, or equipment can be difficult and dangerous. Drones are becoming more commonly used, especially when sending a person is not possible or when safety is of concern. High definition cameras allow Null Gravity Media LLC to gather still and video imagery for review by your safety managers or engineers. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety and efficiency and will provide the imagery you need to keep your operation running.

  Our drones are equipped with the latest object avoidance technology

   Our pilots are FAA Part 107 certified and insured 


Roof Inspections

Roof inspection can be difficult or dangerous. Drones allow a top-down view of your roof, the material it is composed of, and accurate measurements.

Solar Panels and Rooftop Equipment

Not getting the kilowatts you expected from your solar panels? Let us use the latest technology to inspect the solar equipment on your roof. No need to get the ladder out, let us get the information you need!

Construction Sites

Construction sites can be huge, drone aerials gather all of your assets into easy to view top-down perspectives.